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The Dramatic Evolution Of Ivanka Trump

The Trumps are one family we’ve all been hearing a whole lot about lately. And with Donald Trump’s recent presidential election, it’s certainly not surprising. His oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, is always by her father’s side, supporting his political endeavors. But Ivanka isn’t just the president’s daughter. She is also a wife, mother, author, and businesswoman! Ready to see how Ivanka has changed over the years? Keep on scrolling to see the dramatic evolution of Ivanka Trump!

Early 1980s

Ivanka Marie Trump was born on October 30, 1981 in Manhattan, New York City. 


Ivanka has two full brothers from Trump’s marriage to her mother, Ivana Trump: Donald Jr. and Eric. Here they are together back in 1988!


Ivanka has always been extremely close with her father. Here they are together at the Maybelline Look of the Year event in 1991. 


A 13-year-old Ivanka attended the MTV Video Music Awards with her dad in 1995. A pretty cool father/daughter date, if you ask me!

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