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BREAKING: What This Security Analyst Just Said Gave Obama The Worst Day Of His Life! The Rest Of His Vacation Is Ruined!


Former CIA analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer went on FOX Business to talk about the leaked call list of now ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn that showed him talking to Russia before he was sworn in. Earlier today he resigned knowing full well that he was …

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BREAKING: Trump Didn’t Waste Any Time! Mike Flynn’s Replacement Is Here And Terrorists Are Running Scared!


President has wasted no time in working to replace Michael Flynn the now ex-National Security Advisor after a plot by the Obama Administration has forced Michael Flynn to resign. Trump’s choice is as you expected, the perfect person for the job! According to the Washington Examiner, the leading candidate to replace Michael …

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BREAKING: The Person Leaking Information On Trump To Liberal Media Exposed! See Why They Betrayed Our Country!


The Democrats still have several people in the White House because they are simultaneously stalling as long as they can before confirming President Trump’s picks for his cabinet. These people are actively working against President Trump and trying to stop all of his plans before they get started. There have …

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VIDEO: Islamic Extremists Fire At Jets With Anti-Air Gun, It Gets Them Noticed In An Explosive Way!


For all of their ferocity, their savagery, and their brutality, “common sense” apparently isn’t part of the job requirements for an Islamic radical, as this video clearly demonstrates. As once again a US military jet takes out a “not-so-bright” Islamic terrorist attempting to shoot down the jet from the ground …

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