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Fox Anchor Heather Nauert Will Be Joining The Trump White House


President Donald Trump is slowly gathering his army of professionals, and he’s been making the wisest choices so far. The new administration consists of top names and successful individuals. The President plans to gather the best of our country in his administration, and start the re-make. Our country deserves it, and it’s finally happening.

Now the President will welcome Fox anchor Heather Nauert. Rumors have it that Nauert will become a part of the new administration after she was seen entering the White House.

Sources say that Nauert may get the position of State Department spokesperson. She had a private meeting with the President, and the same source says that they were talking about a potential communications position.

Nauert first joined Fox News in 1998, and today she hosts Fox & Friends. The President has the best of words for the show, and yesterday he said that it’s “the most honest morning show” in America.

Heather Nauert is backed up by her undergraduate degree in communications from Mt. Vernon College. She also got a master’s degree in journalism after she attended the group at Columbia University. The Fox anchor is a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations.

This won’t be the first time someone from Fox News joins the new administration. Monica Crowley left Fox News, and got the position of the President’s senior director of strategic communications. But, Crowley had troubles fitting at the position, and withdrew her name after she was accused of plagiarizing stories in several occasions in her career.

Do you think President Donald Trump made a smart move to accept Heather Nauert in his administration? Will she get the position? Will her experience help her fit in?


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