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BREAKING: Mike Pence Could be impeached along with Trump!!

pence_0215The Michael Flynn scandal keeps growing, more officials are being implicated. Now we know that Vice President Mike Pence knew about Flynn’s treason.

Pence found out a few days ago about Flynn’s scandalous phone call to the Russian ambassador, yet Pence made no move to notify the American people. Being aware of treason and not saying anything is — you guessed it — treasonous.

According to two anonymous sources within the White House, Pence discovered that the Justice Department regarded Flynn as compromised on Feb. 9th. A patriot would have spoken up, yet Pence has remained totally silent.

Trump was apparently notified back in January about Flynngate, while Pence was notified last week. The American people deserve the truth, but our two highest executive leaders are hiding it from us.

Sally Yates, the Attorney General that Trump recently fired, voiced concerns with the White House that Flynn was compromised by the Russians back in January. Now, it seems clear that she was sacked because she threatened to expose members of Team Trump as Russian puppets.

Flynn originally told Pence that he didn’t discuss sanctions with the Russian ambassador. As soon as Pence realized this was a lie, he should have held a press conference for the American people.

There’s a silver lining in all of this. We might be able to impeach both Trump AND Pence in one fell swoop.

The evidence is not on their side. Both men knew of Flynn’s sketchy contacts with Russia before the American people did, yet both refused to say anything.

That’s an impeachable offense. And if Bill Clinton was impeached for “lying,” then Trump and Pence should be impeached for refusing to tell the truth.

Investigations into this giant swampy mess have already begun. Where these investigations will lead and how quickly they will be finished is anyone’s guess right now.

But things have been moving so fast in D.C. the past few days that we shouldn’t be surprised if leaks start becoming waterfalls. This looks like the beginning of the end for the Trump administration.

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